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Vector Portrait

In this course, you will learn how to create beautiful, detailed vector portraits using one of the most popular design software programs. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate user, this course has something for you. We are offering this course in 2 Modes With Infinite App along with Illustrator


  • Basic computer skills are necessary.


  • Proficiency in English communication is recommended.


  • This course is for designers of any skill level who want to learn about creating vector illustrations

Learning Objectives

Learn Adobe Illustrator for vector art, focusing on intricate outlines, understanding shapes, lines, and layers. Explore shading and coloring styles for depth in digital art. Master realistic murk and highlights for a 3D effect. Specialize in designing wedding invitations, a high-demand skill. Build a professional portfolio showcasing diverse vector art abilities.

What you’ll learn

Course Content:

  • Setting up Illustrator window for creating vector portraits


  • Setting up Infinite App for Mobile


  • The Pen tool


  • The Shape Builder tool


  • The paintbrush tool


  • Outlining process


  • Deconstruction: Outline Shapes


  • Deconstruction: Outline Lines


  • Montage: Outlining


  • General study: Shading


  • Shading method and deconstruction


  • Montage: Shading


  • Colouring method


  • Colouring the human skin


  • Montage: Colouring


  • Highlighting and Final details

Embark on a transformative creative journey – enroll today and bring your designs to life!

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