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About the Program

The Photography program provides students with a working knowledge of black-and-white and color photography, and fundamental laboratory and technical skills required for entry-level employment. The curriculum is designed to teach students to become independent professional photographers or to work as technician/photographers for others. Photography is a two-year Associate Degree program.

Career Opportunities

Photography is used in virtually every field in this media-conscious age. Public relations and advertising firms, newspapers, magazines and the fashion industry are among the more traditional employers.

Camera and lab skills also are required for portraiture, wedding and scientific photography. Staff photographers are employed by industrial and architectural firms, hospitals, telecommunication and record companies, galleries and schools, as well as state agencies. Photographers also are needed for aerial surveying for land and/or agricultural development projects.

Working photographers encounter challenges requiring their technical skills and artistic innovation. Jobs involve scheduling photographic assignments for a variety of clients.

Course Title: Essential Photography Mastery

Module 1: Photography Fundamentals
– Lesson 1: Introduction to Photography
– Evolution and significance of photography

– Lesson 2: Camera Basics
– Understanding camera types, lenses, and accessories

– Lesson 3: Camera Settings
– Mastering exposure triangle and basic controls

Module 2: Composition and Technique
– Lesson 4: Composition Essentials
– Rule of thirds, leading lines, and framing

– Lesson 5: Lighting Techniques
– Natural and artificial lighting mastery

– Lesson 6: Advanced Composition
– High-key, low-key, and creative lighting effects

Module 3: Editing and Post-Processing
– Lesson 7: Photo Editing Tools
– Introduction to software and basic edits

– Lesson 8: Advanced Editing
– Portrait retouching, composites, and special effects

Module 4: Specialized Photography
– Lesson 9: Portrait Photography
– Posing, capturing emotion, and working with models

– Lesson 10: Landscape and Macro Photography
– Composition in landscapes and close-up techniques

Module 5: Business and Marketing
– Lesson 11: Building Your Brand
– Creating a portfolio and developing a unique style

– Lesson 12: Marketing Strategies
– Social media, promotions, and client communication

Module 6: Final Project and Portfolio
– Lesson 13: Final Project Assignment
– Applying learned skills with feedback sessions

– Lesson 14: Portfolio Development
– Crafting a professional photography portfolio

Bonus Module: Trends and Technologies
– Lesson 15: Emerging Trends
– Exploring current styles and staying updated

*Note: Each lesson includes practical exercises and assignments to reinforce learning.*

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